SMORGASBORD: ART SERVED BUFFET STYLE, Take Courage Gallery, London, 2019 | I Don’t Like Broccoli, but I’ll try Anything Once, Solo Show, Lungley Gallery, London, 2019 | Jelly Flip 1, ABSINTHE 2, London, 2019 | BAGGAGE, Take Courage Gallery, London, 2019| BADART PRESENTS : FANDOM,Bones & Pearl Studios, London, 2019| Pollyfilla/Ham. Does it Stick? A.P.T Gallery, London, 2018 | SLIME/SCHLEIM,  virtuellestheatre Collective, Transeuropa Fluid Performance Art Festival, Germany, 2017 DRAFT 2, Gebilde Collective, 2017, LondonFUZE, Gebilde Collective, 2016, London  | Völuspà : Location Analysis, Virtuellestheater, ACUD Gallery, Berlin, 2017 | DRAFT, Peckham Culture Festival, London, 2016 |  Hot August Nights, From Across the Pond & Underneath the Algae, BLAM Projects Gallery, DG14 Collective, L.A. 2017|  Residency Adventure + Going Native, Omelchenko Gallery, Moscow, 2016 |  Concrete Queens: Space 1, Gallery H.L.U.M, Russia, 2016  Concrete Queens: Space 2, Voronezh Centre of Contemporary Art, Russia, 2016 | Let the Dust Settle, Crypt Gallery, London, 2016 | Aggregate, The Yard, London, 2015Slippers 2, Maverick Projects, London, 2014 MASH, London, 2015 |  SUÐ , Dieter Roth Foundation Residency, Iceland, 2014 |  OVERFLOW–  Iceland, 2014 Hvað ertu að gera , Poncho Ladies? , Iceland, 2014 



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Time Out: Eddy Frankel , 2019

‘But more than anything it feels like someone just saying ‘fuck it, let’s go’, and that’s pretty liberating.

This is brilliantly messy, gungy, sticky, sexy art. The world around us is a terrifying shambles of politics, war and terrorism, and maybe Prentis’s revolting, light-hearted, kinky art is the perfect antidote.’



The Guardian : Grayson Perry for G2, 8/8/16 

‘Perry is interested in the practicalities of the work and Prentis’s battle against things like rules and regulations. “Maybe the artists of today aren’t rebelling against the previous generation of artists,” he says. “They’re rebelling against health and safety.”

Mafazine 2019





Chelsea College of Art, 2013 – 2016 | Central St Martins, 2012 – 2013